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Properties for Rent

For more information, please contact us at (301) 475-8384

Drury Building

41625 Park Ave, Leonardtown

​Number of offices: 5

Size: 1800 sq ft

​Rate: $20/ft

This Class-A professional space is right on the square in Downtown Leonardtown. This third floor unit includes five (5) executive offices, two (2) waiting areas, a conference room, kitchenette, and private bathroom.  Ideal layout for Dr's office or Law practice.  

Lawrence Ave 

22765 Pope Street, Leonardtown

​Number of rooms: 3BR/2.5BA

Size: 1384 sq ft

​Rent: $1,295/month 

This 3 Bedroom townhome is just a block away from the town square.  Walk to shopping, dining, entertainment, and public transportation stops.  



Henderson Apts

22665 Van Wert Ln, Leonardtown

​Number of rooms: 2BR, 1 BA

Size: 850square feet

​Rates: $800/month

This affordable unit is conviently located just a block away from downtown Leonardtown, and just steps from the coffee shop.

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